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Osto: UBS AG (UBS)
« : 11.07.2012 - 21:09:12 »
Tänne saa näköjään ilmotella omia ostojaan  joten...

Win-win siinä mielessä että jos tulee voittoa niin hyvä ja jos tappiota niin eipä unohdu myymällä ...toivon ensimmäistä.

Olen harrastanut vähän samanlaista ajatuksen juoksua mitä tässä blogissa oli finanssikriisistä ja sen vaikutuksista finanssialaan:


Sattuneesta syystä samoilla linjoilla ja vaikka hurjat päivät eivät enää palaa niin raha tulee vieläkin rahan luo. Omissa ajatuksissa ovat tosin olleet sveitsiläiset pankit kun ironisesti tuntuu siltä, että saksalaisissa pankeissa on enemmän poliittista riskiä mukana. Pankkien kohdalla ei merkityksetön seikka sekään.

Näistä kahdesta valitsin UBS:n koska tuntuu vähän varmemmalta suorittajalta ja tunnusluvuiltaan - en sano terveempi mutta - houkuttelevampi:

UBS: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=UBS+Interactive#symbol=ubs;range=5y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

Credit Suisse: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=CS+Interactive#symbol=cs;range=5y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

UBS siis ja hintaan $ 10.75


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Vs: Osto: UBS AG (UBS)
« Vastaus #1 : 12.11.2013 - 12:12:13 »
Tulipa avattua palstan ulkomaan osasto taas pitkästä aikaa. Tämä oli mennyt ohi aikanaan, vaikka todennäköisesti en itse olisi kuitenkaan hypännyt kelkkaan mukaan. Nordeassa on kiinni sen verran iso potti, että se saa riittää pankkisektoriksi.

Näin jälkikäteen katsottuna näytti UBS olevan melko onnistunut veto ohmylta: eilisen päätöskurssilla sellaiset +70% reilussa vuodessa. Oletko myynyt pois jossakin välissä vai vieläkö holdaat?


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Vs: Osto: UBS AG (UBS)
« Vastaus #2 : 21.11.2019 - 06:06:00 »

Write only if you are serious! Cindy. Age 27.
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L Legitimate relationship, 53, 57, 70, 176, 177 Loser image, 69,91 M83, 86, 96, 115, 128, 135, 192 See also Brothel Online relationship, 164 See also Cyber
25, 25, 56, 85, 116, 146, 177, 207, 238, 269, 299, 330, 360. 26, 26, 57, 86, 117, 147, 178, 208, 239, 270, 300, 331, 361. 27, 27, 58, 87, 118, 148, 179, 209, 240
Online dating is more popular than ever, but is it for everyone? Studies and countless bad experiences say otherwise for romantic hopefuls.
Dating online at any age can be daunting. But for older One woman listed her age as 72, but confessed in person that she was in fact 86.
When it comes to online dating, men are more likely to make the first move and pursue women with high levels of self-rated attractiveness.
Roughly 14% of singles were in a dating relationship.Social connectedness was a three-item scale (.66) that summed the respondent's Online dating in middle and later life: Gendered expectations and experiences.
There wouldn't be a need for dating advice if women over 50 just wanted to find a date. I've lost count of the number of women who told me they prefer Friday
Easier to get dates.I did "online dating" exclusively (this was after a divorce in my mid-30s); only dated On the dating scene, it's very, very difficult to find someone who has shared some of theMy aim is the 28-35 range.
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A new survey has revealed that whilst nine out of ten Brits think online dating has become more acceptable in the past three years, 84 per cent
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Ship is an innovative dating app that allows friends to swipe for one another andyour friends into your online dating experience, the founders add.Slide 1 of 62: Happy couple sleeping in a comfortable bed at home.
Libby, 27, customer services assistant. In January this year IThe worst part of online dating is the first awkward face-to-face hello.
If you're looking for a serious relationship, Indianapolis Singles is the right dating site for you. Our matchmaking principle is based on the belief that finding a
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Many people develop relationships online only to find out they're In our online dating survey, 12 percent of people say they were conned.
When you first start dating people, you don't know, on average, how romantically wellso far, you have a 37 percent chance of getting the best candidate.(with the exception of online dating, where some people become so
Aspirational pursuit of mates in online dating markets Online dating provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to observe bothReferences (3340).
Dr. Jane Greer is a nationally renowned marriage and sex therapist, radio host of the Doctor on Call show, and creator of 'SHRINK WRAP'. Her book, What
Dating apps have transformed the way we online date.perspective, Zoosk is on top of its game, so you definitely won't regret downloading it.
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Dating Scout analyzed more than 22 million dating profiles to come up with itsAUSTIN, Texas — A service that compares online dating apps
Check out three misconceptions about dating after 40 and step back into the scenein the dating pool, I talked to friends about what it was like to date online.
Online dating service Zoosk recently published a data study titled The People who mention vegan in their profile get 62% more incoming
GOSHEN TWP, OH (FOX19) - A woman told Goshen Township police she was scammed out of thousands of dollars after connecting with a
How Racial Discrimination Plays Out In Online Dating(That 2015 Pew study found that 88 percent of black women were married to black
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Vs: Osto: UBS AG (UBS)
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