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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Smart Dimmer Switch save electricity  (Luettu 43 kertaa)


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Smart Dimmer Switch save electricity
« : 28.09.2020 - 11:11:35 »
White light bulbs are a new type of light bulb product. In the 21st century, lighting fixtures have focused on the design of incandescent light bulbs, focusing on energy conservation, space, industry and energy-efficient development. Has created a creative mind and has become a branch of room lighting. This attitude of the internet is always and everywhere due to friendship and interaction. The condition of the vessel is very stable and keeps the light bulbs growing and maintaining. This is a white bulb. Integrated Internet Cross Platform of Information Technology Smart Switch Factory connects and integrates light bulbs for storage in core projects. With the help of the cloud service platform, the connection of room lamps and power supplies and the establishment of a computerized system of communication in the house based on smart lighting systems, it became a social and intellectual black horse in the field. At the same time living room changes have become a new topic in the history of the development of living light bulbs.

1. Electrical protection
First, smart bulbs are energy efficient bulbs bs Since LED lights are a source of cool light, semiconductor lights do not pollute the environment. Incandescent tubers can produce up to 90% more energy than incandescent tubers. The fuel consumption with a light bulb is only 1/10 of a normal Smart Dimmer Switch  light bulb and 1/2 of a broken pipe. Smart bulbs, however, turn on 50% of the light. The amount of electricity I supply to my country every year is equal to the electricity generated by the three gorges power plants, so it is important to save electricity.